The cover of this weeks Off Duty Magazine for The Wall Street Journal Europe was photographed by Ewelina Stechnij. The story centres around ‘Hero Coats’, paying tribute to fictions coated crusaders and their favourite wardrobe staple. Hair & Makeup: Jen Fletcher, Model: Yuliya at MOT.

The latest Debenhams Beauty minizine, photographed by Michael Hedge with styling by Fabienne Apert.

Jane Churchill’s bright and colourful Havana Collection features appropriately named Ipanema, Mardi Gras, Lambada and Marimba fabric patterns. Positivity and warmth is fused with contemporary design, styled by Mary Norden with photography by Polly Wreford.

Danish design company Anour brought Kate Wood on-board to style their latest desk lamp.

The sexy Ann Summers  Double your Pleasure campaign, photographed by Ewelina Stechnij. The lingerie collections are designed as an experience in sensuality and Ewelina’s shots capture the sexy and daring essence spectacularly.

‘When Ivy grows in the Forest, it grows in the tangled shape of a chandelier or cascades  like a hanging sculpture. Pine cones swell into  husks for lamps. And no one has ever seen such beautiful things before.’ Enchanted Forest is the new collection of lighting and home accessories by Porta Romana. Magical photography by Chris Everard with dazzling styling by Arabella McNie.

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